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Explore Africa At Your Own Pace With Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, A Destination In Its Own Right

Bringing private safari experiences to adventurers from across the world, Tswalu Kalahari’s trips reach far beyond a stereotypical safari. The largest private game reserve in South Africa, Tswalu doubles as the home of the Tswalu Foundation. Dedicated to environmental research, the foundation joins Tswalu’s lauded safari camps in sharing the secrets of the Kalahari with curious visitors.

Tswalu is first and foremost an ambitious conservation project, sustainably safeguarding vital habitat and the restoring biodiversity. The ratio of guests to wilderness space is one of the lowest in South Africa, with a maximum of 40 guests. At Tswalu, travelers are invited to choose from three curated safari camps that can each accommodate a different number of people. The organization’s newest addition, Loapi tented camp, joins the Motse and Tarkuni homestead to welcome friends, families and children of all ages. While the Motse and Tarkuni camps offer their own home-like structures, Loapi’s tented homes are part of its draw.

The camp consists of six individual tented lodging areas, each offering privacy and your own secluded space to connect with the landscape around you. Loapi is unique in that each camp functions as its own independently run micro-camp with no shared space. Tucked into the contours of the ancient Korannaberg Mountains, the tents are located in the same area but spread out far enough for you to feel like the Kalahari is yours to explore.


You won’t be left to your own devices, as each Tswalu booking includes a private safari vehicle, knowledgeable guide and tracker. Your guide will arrange your stay according to your preferences and act as a resource should any questions or issues come up. The Tswalu experience is one of South Africa’s most intimate safaris, with private, protected land vastly outnumbering the small number of guests the company hosts. This low-footprint, sustainable model of nature-based tourism is vital to supporting the conservation work that is at the heart of Tswalu’s purpose to leave the world better than how it was found.

Maintaining luxury standards in one of Africa’s most beautiful and remote natural areas, the Loapi Tented Camp is built on an innovative, site-specific design. Modular and contemporary, each home features glass windows, a subtle palette, and carefully paired, functional building materials. Inside, you’ll find a tastefully decorated space designed to reduce your environmental footprint.

The tented homes are open and breathable, and come with a fully stocked kitchen, bar, outdoor decks, fire pit and even a plunge pool. Sleeping areas are light, airy, and insulated from Kalahari temperatures. Each home’s expansive glass windows look out on an untouched landscape. In fact, the camp is designed in such a way that if it were to be packed up and moved, it would leave no trace.

While staying at Loapi or any of the other two Tswalu camps, guests have the opportunity to choose the time of their game drives and design their days around their personal interest. Venturing out into the Kalahari with your guide could entail tracking wildlife, watching for mountain zebras while enjoying a picnic in the bush, or admiring ancient rock art at the base of the Korannaberg Mountains. Instead of pre-established itineraries, guests have the flexibility to tailor their experience at their own pace, whether that means joining researchers in the field, exploring a new corner of the Kalahari, or enjoying the comforts of your home base.

If you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible and have always wanted to sleep directly under the stars, you can add a sleep-out to your stay with Tswalu. Sleep-outs take place at two outdoor decks Naledi and Malori, each taking your privacy to the next level. With nothing between you, your travel companions and the stars, you’re bound to feel a bond with the rugged yet unforgettable land around you.

Other opportunities include dinner at the award-winning Klein Jan, horseback riding, meerkat watching, photography-focused excursions, and nature walks. Your stay at Loapi also includes the services of an on-site butler and Chef, who joins your guide in ensuring everything about your stay is perfect. The site offers two- and one-bedroom home options, a conservation room to learn all about the ongoing research projects on-site, indoor and outdoor showers, and spa treatments in the comfort of your room. You can view Tswalu’s updated rates and promotions here.

If you’ve been dreaming of an African Safari adventure, let Tswalu take things to the next level by pairing luxury with the explorer’s spirit. At Loapi, your visit to South Africa becomes entirely your own, from your private quarters to the itinerary you and your guide design. And remember- choosing Tswalu for your Safari not only contributes significantly to their conservation and sustainability vision, but is also the most intimate way to get to know the elusive land of the Southern Kalahari.