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statement on recent fraudulent articles

Dear All,

We have been made aware of an unlawful scheme that uses fraudulent online news articles, appearing on various websites and social media platforms, regarding Mr. Nicky Oppenheimer. The scheme promotes an “investment platform” that promises to help investors become wealthier faster, through a minimum investment of ZAR 4,250.

The scheme unlawfully uses the identity of Nicky Oppenheimer, alongside other prominent individuals, to falsely claim this is a genuine investment. It utilizes AI technology and historical media to impersonate Nicky Oppenheimer, and to misrepresent that he has endorsed the scheme.

Please note: This is a scam and neither Oppenheimer Generations nor Nicky Oppenheimer, have any affiliation to the investment platform or the scheme.

Should these articles appear on your browser or phone, please inform Duncan Butcher or Henry Sands, who are recording them for the legal process. Furthermore, if you receive any enquires on these articles from any external parties, please assure them this is a scam and preventative measures are being taken.



Duncan Butcher:   

Henry Sands: