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Dr Greg Mills heads the Johannesburg-based Brenthurst Foundation, established in 2005 by the Oppenheimer family to strengthen African economic performance. He holds degrees from the Universities of Cape Town (BA Hons) and Lancaster (MA cum laude, and PhD), and was, first, the Director of Studies and then the National Director of the SA Institute of International Affairs from 1994-2005.

With Brenthurst he has directed numerous reform projects in African states, including Rwanda (2007-8), Mozambique (2005-11), Swaziland (2010-11), Malawi (2012-14, and again 2020-2021), Kenya (2012 and 2020), Lesotho (2008; 2019-2020), Liberia (2006-2007), Zambia (2010; 2016), Zimbabwe (2009- 2013), Ghana (2017), Ethiopia (2019-2020), Nigeria (2017-2018), and almost continuously at various levels of government in South Africa from the Foundation’s outset. He also sat on the Danish Africa Commission and on the African Development Bank’s high-level panel on fragile states, and served four deployments to Afghanistan with the British Army as the adviser to the commander. He has also worked extensively in Colombia, and with a variety of African governments in both improving the conditions for peacebuilding and investment, including through the Zambezi Protocol on the natural resource sector.